The presence of pak andishan  products in global markets

Pak Andishan Company is one of the largest companies producing bakery and confectionery machines in Iran. The company has an active presence in all domestic markets of Iranian cities. Using modern industry technology, we hope to produce high-quality bakery and confectionery machines, and the durability of our products has led to long-term friendships with our customers. We are proud to say that our products meet the national standards of Iran and internationally, and we currently export to more than 10 European and Asian countries.

Pak Andishan Machinery started its activity in 2003 in the field of making bread and pastry baking machines and equipment, then in 2010 it moved to its new factory located in Industrial Town No. 2 of Urmia. In addition to its current activities, it followed the ideas and suggestions of its dear customers to produce products with higher quality and quantity to build a new factory with a wider space.


The operation of the new factory started in late 2014 on a land with an area of ​​13,000 square meters and 6,000 square meters of infrastructure with a symbol of self-confidence, sympathy and efforts of the company’s specialized forces and now more than 150 people as They work hand in hand, both directly and indirectly. During the years full of effort, perseverance and progress of this company, it has succeeded in receiving ISO 9001 quality management certificate, European ce product quality certificate, Iran National Standard, Standard mark application license and R&D certification. Among the honors of this company, we can mention the invention of automatic dough sheeter machine, which has reached mass production and has solved major problems of the lavash bread industry. Also, the selection of this company as the province’s sample industrial unit and the province’s sample quality unit in 2011 and the national and provincial sample unit in the machine-building industry in 2016 and also receiving a plaque of appreciation as the first holder of a standard mark application license of automatic dough sheeter machine product is a confirmation of the effective efforts of the employees and committed experts of Pak Andishan Company.

Among the bakery and confectionery machines of this company, the following can be mentioned:

  • Rotary oven for baking all kinds of bulky breads, semi-bulky breads, and all kinds of sweets
  • Mini rotary oven for baking all kinds of bulky breads, semi-bulky breads and sweets
  • Deck oven for baking all kinds of bulky breads, semi-bulky breads and all kinds of sweets
  • Portable rotary oven for lavash bread, barbarian, tafton and pizza
  • Portable restaurant rotary oven for lavash bread, barbarian, tafton and pizza
  • Tunnel oven for barbarian bread, oily bread, Tab tapa
  • Automatic dough sheeter machine ( The invention of Pak Andishan Company)
  • Shateriar automatic sheeter ( The new product of Pakandishan Company)
  • Simple dough sheeter for shirmal and barbari bread.
  • Sandwich bread roll rolling machine
  • Spiral dough mixer
  • Fermentation room
  • Work desk
  • Oven Trolley
  • Toast cutter for cutting toast breads
  • flour sifter machine for aeration and cleaning the flour
  • Professional chin rounder to form dough chins
  • Dough divider for dividing dough in specific weights and dimensions
  • Dough middle rest machine


Committed to superior quality and results

Spiral Mixer

Pak Andishan

This device is an upgraded type of dough maker.

Its features include mixing the dough in a short time, the ability to mix the dough at low weights, saving energy and labor, and providing a uniform and quality dough.

  • Spiral analog paste and PLC
  • Use of non-lubricated electric gearbox and has a very long life
  • Save time and energy as well as labor
  • Create a special texture in the dough to enhance the quality of the bread
  • Ability to mix dough quickly, automatically and evenly
  • Very little use of flour in the dough spreading process

Shateryar Automatic


This machine is upgraded model of dough sheeter machine. This machine automatically flattens ‎the dough that has been sheeted and cut on‏ ‏Cushion‏ ‏pad. 


dough sheeter machine

Minimum dough back into the hopper

Long life electro gearbox with no grease leak
Very low flour consumption in the process of flattening the dough

with Circular Cutter

There is no need for skilled people to ‎work with this machine.‎

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