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The Pak Andishan company, has been producing high-quality, long life machines based on its ‎specialized engineers and skilled personnel.‎

Exporting to other countries

We are proud to export bakery and pastry machinery to other countries, including Australia, ‎Canada, Finland, Belgium, Norway, UAE, Kurdistan, Iraq, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan‏.‏

‎After sales service for ‎10 years

Our durability is for high quality products.‎
We offer 10-year after sales service for our customers.‎

Customer`s trust is our wealth

The trust of customers has been defined as the largest spiritual wealth of the company. Our ‎honesty is principle‏ ‏of our business and we do our best to maximize the trust of our customers‏.‏

Agencies all over the country

We offer sales and after sales services with more than 30 active agencies all over the country‏.‏

launching bread production lines

Do you want to launch a bread product line?‎
We offer free advice for installing bulky bread, traditional bread, Lavash bread and etc. lines.‎
Who are we

about us

Pak Andishan

Pak Andishan machinery started its activities in the field of bakery and pastry machinery and equipment in 2003. Then, moved to a new workshop located in the industrial zone of Urmia no.2 with an area of 1,500 square meters in 2010.

This company preserved research and development while its activities. Also, this company with the assistance of customer’s comments and suggestions constructed a new factory with wider space to provide products with more quality and quantity. The utilization of the new factory began with the symbol of self-esteem, empathy, efforts of the company’s specialists, at a land area of 13,000 square meters and with an area of 6000 square meters, at the end of 2014.  Now, more than 100 personnel are working together in this company. During the years of effort and perseverance and progress, the company has received ISO 9001 quality management certification, European Conformity certification, Iran national standard application, and research and development certification.

As the company’s honors, we can point to the invention of the automatic flattener machine of bread dough that reached mass production and has solved the major problems of the Lavash bread industry. As other honor, we can point to defining as the exemplary industrial unit of the province and qualitative Unit of the province in 2011, reception of certificates of appreciation as the first one having application license of the standard mark for the product of automatic bread dough flattener and also, the industrial exemplary units in-country, in 2016 confirms the efforts of Company’s staff and experts committed to the company of Pak Andishan.

Machinery produced in this company are:

  • Rotary oven machine used to cook all kinds of bulk and Semi-bulk bread and various kinds of pastry.
  • Portable rotary oven machine, used in, Barbari, Lavash, and pizza bakery.
  • Automatic dough the sheeter machine(The invention of the Pak Andishan company)
  • Shateryar Automatic dough sheeter machine (new product of the company)
  •  Roller sheeter used in, Barbari and pizza bakery.
  • Spiral dough mixer
  • Fermentation Room
  • Worktable and oven trolley
  • Flour sifter machine

The unit is located in Urmia, to serve the noble people of Iran. Currently, the company’s productions are exported to other countries in addition to distribution within the country.

Shateryar Automatic dough sheeter machine with Circular Cutter

This machine is upgraded model of dough sheeter machine. This machine automatically flattens ‎the dough that has been sheeted and cut on‏ ‏Cushion‏ ‏pad. There is no need for skilled people to ‎work with this machine.‎
Minimum dough back into the hopper
Long life electro gearbox
Long life electro gearbox with no grease leak
Low flour consumption
Very low flour consumption in the process of flattening the dough

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Contact us

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